‘Why do they always choose the cheapest, when we’re the best?’ The importance of a strong win theme.

All too often companies lose tenders to competitors that undercut them on price, even though they offer a superior product or service. If you’ve experience this frustration, then it could be because your bid contained no obvious reason for the client to choose you over your cheaper rival – even though you knew that you … Read more..

The CV problem – and how to fix it

Updating your own CV is a hassle at the best of times, but the problem gets a whole lot worse when you have to pull together multiple CVs for a tender submission. All too often, they’re out of date, don’t contain relevant information or just aren’t up to the job. So what should you do? … Read more..

‘Why aren’t all our bids equally good?’ – How to get consistency and better results

One of the most frequent frustrations of the bid process, particularly for larger companies, is that all tenders don’t reach the same quality level and therefore have wildly different success rates. This is often due to an inconsistency in the approaches taken by different sections of an organisation or by different teams within sections. It … Read more..