Running out of time again? – how to beat tender deadline-itis

If you find yourself racing to meet a tender deadline, then you’re not alone. Most companies are incredibly busy, resources are often stretched and it can be easy to put things off as ‘real work’ pressures take over.

Getting input for a tender, especially when it’s technically complex, can take ages. And, of course, many tender deadlines are often very short – or should that be ‘ridiculously unrealistic’?

So what should you do?

  • Plan ahead – it’s an easy thing to say, but ensure you have a good strategy in place to identify up-coming tenders.
  • Communicate – keep channels open between you and your clients and potential clients. That way new tenders won’t come as a surprise.
  • Have a strategy – you need a management approach that alerts people to up-coming tenders, sets workable deadlines and allocates the necessary time and resources.
  • Be realistic – you may just not have the time or resources to go for a bid. Have a strong Bid/No bid decision making process in place to decide which tenders to go for.
  • Prioritise – make sure you separate the important from the urgent. If a tender is going to deliver a high-value project, then it’s probably worth clearing the decks for.
  • Get management on board – get the backing needed to release the necessary staff and time resources and to get people to deliver the information you need.

How Rothera Group can help you beat your tender deadline

We know the pain that tight deadlines can cause and the impact that this can have on the quality of the resulting bid.

As part of our training, we’ll give you the tips and techniques you need to make best use of your staff resources and available time. But, most importantly, we’ll help you put a strategy in place that will make sure you don’t have to chase tight tender deadlines in the future.

With us, you’ll have a bit more time to breath – and to do your best work.

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