World Class Training Services

At Rothera Group we achieve measurable improvements for you.  We help you to achieve substantial and tangible returns on your training investment.

Rothera Group was established to address the demand from UK industry for specialist bid management and bid proposal process skills.  We have grown and evolved with market demands.  We are proud of the reputation we have built.

Since our formation in 2007, we have trained nearly 5,000 people and consistently retain a Net Promoter Score (NPS) for our training of over 90, which is considered "World Class".

Picture Of Anne Farr

Anne Farr

Our Managing Director

The team is led by our Managing Director Anne Farr.  Anne’s professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction underpins all the work we do.  Anne started her career as a site-based civil engineer and has carried the experience gained into Rothera Group, meaning we take a measured, practical approach to everything we do.

When combined with professional development in bidding and in training, her enthusiasm and drive to help companies succeed is what has made Rothera Group successful.

Client Base

We work across all commercial sectors, as well as with the public and third sectors.  Our clients range from SMEs to large multi-national organisations; any firm which demands tangible results from training.

Geographically we cover the whole of the UK and travel overseas to deliver support when required.  Our base in central Scotland means a lot of our clients are located in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Institute of Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge transfer describes the movement of knowledge among people; a skill essential during training and consultancy.  Through our professional membership we continually develop our abilities and commit to the principles of successful knowledge transfer.

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