Project Management

Good bid managers have many of the same traits as effective project managers. They know how to set deadlines and adequately resource their project but they are also aware of other business demands. While tendering does have a high strategic importance, it is sometimes necessary to juggle priorities and be flexible.

Section Headings

You will help the reader retain concentration if you use plenty of section headings and sub-headings in your document. These titles can be used as little snippets of content to help the reader see what is coming next. By encouraging them to keep reading and not just skimming, you are more likely to get your message across.

‘Why do they always choose the cheapest, when we’re the best?’ The importance of a strong win theme.

All too often companies lose tenders to competitors that undercut them on price, even though they offer a superior product or service. If you’ve experience this frustration, then it could be because your bid contained no obvious reason for the client to choose you over your cheaper rival – even though you knew that you … Read more..