‘Why do they always choose the cheapest, when we’re the best?’ The importance of a strong win theme.

All too often companies lose tenders to competitors that undercut them on price, even though they offer a superior product or service.

If you’ve experience this frustration, then it could be because your bid contained no obvious reason for the client to choose you over your cheaper rival – even though you knew that you offered a much better combination of quality and price.

So what should you do?

  • Highlight and articulate a central ‘win theme’ for your bid document. This should be the most compelling reason why the client should select your company.
  • To find your win theme assess the requirements of the tender and look at the reasons why you succeed in the marketplace and beat your competitors.
  • Highlight the benefits of the theme. For example, if it’s the fact that you are the incumbent supplier, explain that this will mean no disruption during the change-over period.
  • If possible, quantify the win. For example, if your win theme is that your process delivers a significantly higher level of performance, highlight the financial benefits this will bring.
  • Don’t just highlight your win theme in the introduction to your bid document. Reference and refer back to it throughout, using it as a key theme that runs through all of your answers.
  • Having a strong ‘win theme’ is vital. If you don’t have one you shouldn’t be bidding. Without a win theme, you’ll just be competing on price.
  • If you don’t articulate why you’re ‘the best’, the client certainly won’t work it out for you.

How Rothera Group can help

During training, we will brainstorm this aspect of the tender writing process, helping you to tease out and articulate your win theme.

We’ll then show you how to use the win theme to ‘supercharge’ a bid, ensuring that each answer gives the client a compelling reason why they should choose your company.

We can either do this for a specific live bid or we can workshop up a number of different themes for typical clients – to show you how the process should run when you do your next bid.

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