Our training courses consistently receive ‘world class’ (NPS) feedback scores. 

All training courses incorporate advice about implementation, experience sharing and consideration of the change process.  We combine group work with individual exercises and discussions to maximise the update of knowledge.

Areas of Training Expertise

We offer in-house training courses which can be delivered face-to-face or on-line.  Courses are tailored to meet clients’ objectives and their experience.  The training can incorporate existing processes and writing styles as well as introducing industry best practice.

Course outlines for different industry sectors can be provided if you contact us.

Your own course structure will be developed to suit your unique requirements, but typical outlines include:

  • Bid, proposal and tender writing
  • Bid and proposal management
  • Bids, proposals and tenders reviewing
  • Training refresher courses
  • Technical report writing
  • Business writing
  • Tender interviews

How We Do It


Before committing to us, you will be offered a document ‘health check’ using a typical tender or report you have produced.  The resulting critique will highlight key areas you need to address and will give you practical recommendations to improve your approach.

Following discussion about your current position, you will then receive a fully costed course outline covering the areas you need to improve to achieve your objectives.

Typically, clients want to increase their win rates, streamline their processes, improve document consistency or increase the number of skilled personnel.

Maximum Impact

We advocate training and consolidated learning.  To help achieve this we can include post-training support for each trainee to further embed the lessons learned.

As our courses have been delivered within a vast range of companies and industry sectors, we will draw from our own experience when developing your course to ensure the materials are directly relevant to your needs.


Value for Money

To estimate the financial impact of training, you can use our  Return on Investment Calculator.  Try it with your own figures to see the business success you could achieve.

Agreed Rates

Courses are provided on a fixed-price basis which includes all development, tailoring and delivery time.  The prices are fully inclusive of travel time within the UK (overseas rates are negotiated) and there are never any unexpected expenses.