Wasting time on too many un-winnable bids? Time for a reality check.

Many companies base their tender strategy on the unrealistic expectation that every bid is winnable. While you definitely have to be ‘in it to win it’, a go-for-everything approach can waste significant time and resources. Having unrealistic expectations is not only counterproductive, it can also be massively de-motivating. If your bid team don’t think they … Read more..

Winning Tenders through Waste Management

Waste Management isn’t usually a topic that springs to someone’s mind when they are thinking about winning bids, proposals and tenders. Despite this, it is a critical area and an easy one in which firms can collect additional marks during the evaluation process. Consider a construction company.  This could be a micro plumbing business or … Read more..

Technical Compliance

The quality section of a bid usually includes areas such as methodology, H&S, sustainability, people, credentials and experience. When writing these it is important that you make it non-generic, consider different reader types, describe benefits, include proof and ensure it is a pleasure to read as well as encompassing a win theme. Above all though, … Read more..

Measuring the Success of Bid and Proposal Teams

When measuring a bid team’s success, it is necessary to evaluate their outputs.  This allows a company to judge success, value and possibly return on investment if, for example, training or recruitment is being considered. Many companies use a simple measure of win rates.  These are clear and definitive, they are easy to monitor, so … Read more..

Winning Tenders Is As Easy As ABC

Have you ever noticed that people’s attention spans seem to be getting shorter? I’m frequently asked for a one page summary, a two slide presentation or my three top tips.  No-one wants to wade through pages or hours of material. While it is useful to spend time learning things in a structured way, it is … Read more..

Why you should not write a bid or proposal

Finding ‘biddable opportunities’ is the holy grail for some companies. The business development team spend hours at their desks trying to identify contracts which are due for renewal.  They search databases, read journals, email their contacts and set up customer visits.   Then they go on the road, attend networking events, meet existing customers and make … Read more..

Working to Meet Tender & Bid Proposal Deadlines

Some people find that meeting deadlines can be extremely stressful yet others find they are useful tools to help prioritise their work. Irrespective of how you view deadlines it is important that you meet them and do so with minimal disruption to your other work and personal life.  There are many different techniques to help … Read more..

What Every Buyer Wants

What Every Buyer Wants Once you have written your bid or tender, the next stage will be getting it evaluated.  Your aim is to achieve the maximum marks possible and to do this, you need to think about the buyer and what he or she will need from you. We know that some procurement processes … Read more..

How to Give Your Tender Documents Visual Impact

After much hard work (and perhaps some training via Rothera Group), you’ve cracked the content for your latest proposal or tender document. So what next? Before you breathe a big sigh of relief, it’s worth turning your thoughts to the look and feel of your submission. Here are our three top tips for presenting your … Read more..