Worried your tender presentation will let you down? Make every word count.

A Tender Presentation is a key part of most bids. Getting asked to do one normally means you’ve made the short list. So it’s vital to get them right, as, at this point, the bid is yours to loose.

Presentations throw up a number of challenges. Often preparation time is short. It can also be difficult to work out what to say and how best to say it. And, of course, presentations put you and your team firmly in the spotlight – which can be daunting!

So what should you do?

  • If they haven’t told you, ask the client’s team what they are looking for from your presentation. Get clarification if anything is unclear.
  • Protect your preparation time. You’ve spent weeks putting your tender together, don’t waste all that work with a rushed job.
  • The presentation shouldn’t be a straight sales pitch – think of it as your chance to add colour and personality to your bid and to put across your enthusiasm for the project.
  • In terms of content, highlight your key Win Theme and the unique benefits you’ll bring to the client. Introduce your operational team and detail how they’ll deliver the project.
  • Expect to be quizzed on areas of weakness – use such questions as a chance to build trust. Use hand-outs to cover details.
  • It’s better to have a team presentation, so that the client can meet everyone who’ll be involved in the project. Practice the presentation together.
  • Keep everything relaxed, approachable and human (avoid slick sales talk).

How Rothera Group can help

We offer a dedicated training course for tender presentations. We also incorporate this issue in our general courses. Either way, we’ll prepare your team to give an engaging and compelling presentation.

If required, we’ll help you work up a presentation for a specific bid and will workshop the questions you might have to answer. This will ensure you’re prepared for the worst.

We’ll keep everything relaxed, but focused, and will make sure that everyone will be able to do themselves proud.

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