Bid Writing: Different Evaluators

Not sure what details to include when writing your bid? Think about your different audiences.

Bid writing is an exercise in persuasion. You have to give the people you’re talking to a good reason to hire you. But it’s difficult to know what to write – what level and scope of detail to include – if you don’t know who you’re talking to.

When you’re putting together a bid you have to start from the assumption that you will, in all likelihood, be assessed by three different types of evaluators. These will be Technical Evaluators, Economic Evaluators and End-user Evaluators. Understand this and you’re off to a winning start.

So what should you do?

  • For each of the three assessor types you need to provide the specific information that will allow them to understand and appreciate the value of your service/product.
  • This must be done in each individual section of a bid document. In other words, each time you answer a question, think about the three types of evaluators.
  • Technical Evaluators will be interested in specifications, qualifications, method statements etc.
  • Economic Evaluators will want detailed cost-benefit statements, whole-life costs, risk assessments and details of how you’ll add value.
  • End-user Evaluators will want proof of compatibility and usability and details of how your product and service will impact on them and their team.

How Rothera Group can help you with your Bid Writing

Thanks to our in-depth understanding of what the different types of evaluators want, we can help you understand their requirements and incorporate these into a winning bid.

As part of our training, we’ll help your team put themselves in the shoes of the three types of assessors. This will allow them to identify the key issues and concerns that each different assessor will want to see addressed.

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