Adding Value as Part of Your Tender Procedure

‘We want to win the bid, but don’t want to give away the farm!’ The fine art of adding value.

When you’re putting together a tender it can often feel as if your arm is being twisted to offer too many extras, add-ons and other ‘freebies’ to sweeten the deal and get your company picked.

While you definitely need to prove that you are competitive, you shouldn’t have to compromise your margins or give away things for free when putting in a bid.

So what should you do?

  • Think about the things you do as a matter of course that the client will appreciate and which will set you apart from the competition. Show how these add value.
  • Give concrete examples of your expertise and flexibility and of how you go the extra mile. Don’t just say it – prove it!
  • If you can monetise the value you’ll bring to the client, so much the better. For example, say: ‘Businesses using our process save £x million each year.’
  • If your service or technology delivers a higher performance or specification that that requested in the tender, then say that you’ll deliver this ‘added value’ for no additional cost.
  • Overall, this is not about giving away things that will cost you extra money or staff time. It is about articulating the value that you can add because of the way in which you operate.

How Rothera Group can help with your Tender Procedure

During training, we’ll brainstorm this aspect of the tender writing process, helping you see where your company already provides added value, or where there is potential to do this.

We’ll also work with you to highlight the ways in which you can give the client something extra, without it costing you anything.

We’ll then show you how to weave this information as part of your tender procedure into your bid so that it will have the most impact.

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