Writing a Case Study for your Tender Proposal? Make it Work for You.

‘Our Case Studies are letting us down!’ How to make them work for you.

Case studies are a vital part of any bid, whether they are stand-alone elements or incorporated into your answers. Writing a case study can act as a key way in which you can prove your capabilities, experience, expertise and resources.

However, writing case studies can be a real challenge. Just getting them produced can be like pulling teeth and, even then, it is easy for them to fall short. Many case studies are poorly executed, not relevant, too ‘salesy’ or overly technical.

So what should you do?

  • Select case study projects that are relevant to the tender. Ensure this relevancy is explained – for example show that a case study project involved the same team, had a similar technical scope or the same stakeholders as the project you’re bidding for.
  • Collect information for case studies from people who have had a direct involvement in the project being profiled. Use an information template to ensure you get all the information you need.
  • Get professional help to design your case studies so that they look good, read well and reflect your brand. Use someone with good writing skills to draft the copy.
  • Include client testimonials – collect these as part of your project management process.
  • Use photos. These should include pictures of your team at work and the completed project. Make sure they are of a high enough standard, so that they make you look good.
  • Plan ahead and put together a strong bid library of case studies that can be easily adapted to each new tender. Ensure this library is updated each time you do a new project.

How Rothera Group can help you when Writing a Case Study

We run stand-alone workshops on case studies and incorporate the case study challenge into our general training courses.

We’ll help your team develop and produce winning case studies and show them how to use case studies effectively in a bid document.

We can also help you work up a template for collecting case study information and show you how to develop a case study library that will underpin your bid writing process.

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