Embedded Videos

There is no definitive answer to whether it is advisable to embed video clips in your tender or bid. You should seek guidance from the individual buyer because there are differing views, even within the same industry sector. If you do add clips ensure they are directly relevant to the response, as generic marketing material … Read more..

Looking Good

Some tender formats can be very prescriptive as they dictate the space, font size and typeface that can be used. To avoid your answer becoming a ‘wall of words’, try to be creative with the inclusion of tables, jpeg images and bullet points. If the formatting prevents the use of these graphics, you can still … Read more..

CV Photos

It is normal to include staff photographs on CVs which are submitted with bid, proposal and tender documents. A good head and shoulders shot is all that is required but you should ensure these are up-to-date and look professional. If you present an assortment of selfies and outdated images, the client will probably form an … Read more..

Layout and Highlights

Call-out boxes (shaded areas) are very effective for highlighting quotes or key messages however they are often misused to emphasis an initial paragraph or section of main-body text. The nature of call-out boxes means that contents are separated from surrounding text so readers frequently skip them when they are actually reading the response. Use them … Read more..