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Tendering Top Tips

Section Headings

You will help the reader retain concentration if you use plenty of section headings and sub-headings in your document. These titles can be used as little snippets of content to help the reader see what is coming next. By encouraging them to keep reading and not just skimming, you are more likely to get your message across.


It is not usual to add figure or table numbers to graphics which are included in proposals. Your graphics should be introduced in the text and simply given a strong title which describes its key features and benefits. Figure and table numbering is normal in technical reports, where they are also shown alongside the table … Read more..


Bid and tender software can be very valuable when compiling large documents with multiple contributors. Most packages allow you to build a library of reusable material and will automate the notifications going to reviewers. However the quality of the response still relies on individuals thinking about what to include and tailoring it to individual clients.


Microsoft Word has excellent functions which allow you to see the readability scores of your tender responses. These can be found in the “check document” option, once preferences have been set in “settings / options / proofing”. In general, sentences should be kept as short as possible, using simple words and written in the active … Read more..

Pricing Structure

Beware of providing too much detail in the commercial section of your proposal. If you give a breakdown of the price, the buyer may try to haggle over hourly rates or deselect key parts of your service. To avoid allowing them to negotiate on individual items, simply offer an overall price for the whole project.

Market Intelligence

It can be worthwhile monitoring public sector portals, even if you do not want to bid for the jobs. You will find out which companies have been awarded contracts, allowing approaches to be made for partnership working. It is also possible to gather market intelligence such as details about which technology areas are receiving funding.