Getting multiple inputs to a bid in time for a submission deadline was difficult enough when people worked in the same office, but now that most people are working remotely and there are no face-to-face conversations, it has become even harder. To overcome this, it is important to have an easily accessible register of files … Read more..

Bid Burnout

In the run-up to a submission deadline, bid writers often work long hours and experience high levels of pressure. The responsibility for producing a winning bid should be shared within a company and not all left with the person or people who compile it. Acknowledging the shared roles can help avoid people becoming stressed and … Read more..

Pitch Preparation

Virtual presentations are more tricky than in-person ones and will likely require more preparation time. Think carefully about the handovers between speakers because normal visual cues and body language will not be possible. Also consider how you will deal with general discussion to avoid appearing to interrupt each other.

Version Control

When things are getting a bit fraught in the final stages of a tender submission, it is easy for document control to slip. It is vitally important that you maintain naming conventions and filing standards to avoid mishaps. Set up your systems at the outset and ensure everyone adheres to them to avoid overwriting, incorrect … Read more..

Remote Teams

If your bid team is working remotely it can be very difficult to maintain momentum and motivation. While interruptions are not ideal, it is essential that you all stay in touch and bounce ideas around to achieve consistency in the response. Think about the ways you would communicate in the office and try to replicate … Read more..

Read The Documents

When you receive invitation to bid documents from a client it can be tempting to skim through them, particularly if there are numerous files. The danger of doing this is that you miss a requirement and therefore are not compliant in your final response. Examples of things which are easily missed include tender declarations, community benefit … Read more..

Project Management

Good bid managers have many of the same traits as effective project managers. They know how to set deadlines and adequately resource their project but they are also aware of other business demands. While tendering does have a high strategic importance, it is sometimes necessary to juggle priorities and be flexible.

Presentation Interview

Increasingly, clients are evaluating potential suppliers during a presentation interview, rather than just by their written submission. To prepare for interview you should think about the areas which are likely to concern the client and decide how to address them. This will ensure you are ready to answer any difficult questions and can have relevant … Read more..


When a tender asks for CVs, the evaluators are likely to want a reasonably detailed narrative about each key person. A CV should describe the person’s skills as well as their qualifications.  It should show their client-related achievements as well as the roles they have undertaken. This information illustrates the person’s ability to perform well, … Read more..