Starting Point

It can be very tempting to simply re-use text which was given good feedback in a previous tender. While the old text might contain relevant information, it is unlikely that it will fully answer the question in the context of the contract you are now tendering. A better approach is to start with an outline … Read more..

Bid / No Bid Decision

With an avalanche of opportunities and limited resources, it is vital that you take informed bid / no bid decisions. Rather than bidding for anything you ‘can do’, you should ensure you target the ones you ‘can win’. The process for deciding what is winnable should be developed based on your own company experience.

Lost on Price

If they lose a tender, the majority of people will tell you that they lost it due to the price. While this is occasionally true, it is more likely that they failed to persuade the client that they would gain sufficient benefits to justify the price. A client’s objective is to solve a problem, not … Read more..

Displacing the Incumbant

When you are bidding against a company which currently holds a contract, it is easy to get disheartened as you think they have an advantage. Remember that the incumbent’s weaknesses and pricing strategy are known by the client whereas yours are not. Use this information to your advantage by showcasing areas which will be attractive … Read more..