CV Photos

It is normal to include staff photographs on CVs which are submitted with bid, proposal and tender documents. A good head and shoulders shot is all that is required but you should ensure these are up-to-date and look professional. If you present an assortment of selfies and outdated images, the client will probably form an … Read more..


When preparing an interview or pitch presentation, ensure you think about your audience and their needs. They will want to understand how the team operates, who they will be dealing with and also get answers to their questions. Do not make them endure a slick corporate sales pitch or suffer from death by PowerPoint.


In a proposal or tender, the client wants to know the role your staff will take on their project. If it appears that they are extremely busy with other projects, the client may be concerned about their availability or commitment. Use headings such as “roles and responsibilities on your project” to emphasise the relevant points.

Pitch Perfect

It is normal to be invited to make a presentation (or pitch) during the final stages of tender selection. During your preparation, you need to consider the dynamics within the team as well as the content of the presentation.  Assuming you want the client to view your team as a cohesive unit, they must practice … Read more..

Subject Matter Experts

Technical and operational staff are usually extremely well placed to contribute valuable insights to a bid or tender document. They will, however, often claim to be “too busy” or “not the right person”. Techniques such as storyboarding or outline planning are excellent to quickly capture their knowledge and therefore strengthen the submission.


Incorporating a review phase into your bid process can be very valuable, particularly when feedback is linked to scoring criteria. Unfortunately, some reviewers start well but their interest tails off as the document gets more detailed, meaning high-marking areas are sometimes overlooked. A good reviewer will prioritise their time according to the importance of each … Read more..