How to Give Your Tender Documents Visual Impact

After much hard work (and perhaps some training via Rothera Group), you’ve cracked the content for your latest proposal or tender document. So what next? Before you breathe a big sigh of relief, it’s worth turning your thoughts to the look and feel of your submission.

Here are our three top tips for presenting your information in the best light:

Sort your structure

Tender submissions are often, by necessity, lengthy documents as there are a number of points that need to be addressed. Always bear the reader in mind: he or she is likely to have to trawl through numerous submissions. Your task? To make your own proposal as easy-to-navigate and digest as possible.

There are a number of ways to achieve this. Consider the use of a clear contents page, supported by tab dividers for the different sections. Colour coding these sections can further aid the navigation process. This latter tactic can also help to reinforce your branding, of which more below…

Be instantly identifiable

Your tender submission provides an opportunity to introduce the recipients to your corporate identity and brand values. Aim to skilfully incorporate your established logo, corporate colours and fonts within the document, ensuring that these are reproduced consistently and tastefully.

A careful and professional approach is essential: always bear the reader in mind and ensure that injections of colour, sub-headings and other identifiers are easy on the eye.  Remember too that the branding within your tender document should marry up with any supporting company materials that you are supplying. The same applies to your website; if you are providing the URL within your proposal, double-check that your online and offline presences are complementary.

Material considerations

Using the correct quality of materials doesn’t only make your tender document look good: choose wisely and it will feel nice to the touch too.  The right paper stock will help you to reproduce the corporate colours, as discussed above, faithfully. It will also help you to avoid any shine-through within your document and provide your submission with an aura of quality and professionalism.

The cover of your tender proposal is another crucial component to consider. It has a practical purpose (to protect the contents) and also a visual one (to create a positive initial impact). The possibilities are many and varied, ranging from ring binders with customised, slide-in inserts to an integrated booklet-style card cover. Attending to such details is always time well spent. After all, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

This guest blog was written by XIC, a creative print specialist, with many years of experience in tender enhancement. For further information, go to or email