‘Have you seen what they’re asking for?’ – How to deal with complex tenders

Far too many tender documents are long,complex and just plain indigestible. Reading through them can make you lose the will to live, and it can be difficult to pick apart their intricacies, even before you start addressing the overwhelming list of requirements they contain.

So what should you do?

  • Take a deep breath – the worst thing to do is to rush in, cutting and pasting content from past bids into the sections you think you can answer.
  • Plan – take a step back and approach the task logically (see points below).
  • Draw up a compliance matrix (CM) – this is a key tool that will make your life easier. It’s a cross-referenced table that lists all the requirements in a tender and how you’ll address them.
  • Allocate resources – if the tender gives you a scoring or rating system for its sections, use it to prioritise work and allocate resources.
  • Structure your approach – use your CM to decide who needs to do what, to chase down information and to validate that you’ve addressed all key points.
  • Make it easy for the client – use the CM to let readers know where they’ll find the information they’ve requested. 

How Rothera Group can help you with your compliance matrix

We are Compliance Matrix experts and will show you how they’ll help you unlock the most complex of bid documents.

As part of our training, we’ll show you how to draw up a compliance matrix and make optimal use of it – streamlining your bid writing process and making it possible to untangle even the knottiest of tenders.

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