Wasting time on too many un-winnable bids? Time for a reality check.

Many companies base their tender strategy on the unrealistic expectation that every bid is winnable. While you definitely have to be ‘in it to win it’, a go-for-everything approach can waste significant time and resources.

Having unrealistic expectations is not only counterproductive, it can also be massively de-motivating. If your bid team don’t think they have a chance in winning a tender, then it’s likely that they won’t do a good job fighting for it.

So what should you do?

  • Have a tender process – you need a structured (preferably quantified) Bid/No-bid decision making process.
  • Assign responsibility – you need an individual or small team with the authority to decide ‘yes’ or ‘no’.
  • Be logical – decisions should be made based on facts, not gut feelings.
  • Assess your chances – are you competitive in terms of technical expertise? Do you meet all the customer’s service requirements?
  • Nail your ‘win theme’ ­– if you can highlight a compelling reason why you should win a tender then go for it!
  • Don’t compete on price – With no strong ‘win theme’ you’ll only be competing on price (and no one wants to do that).
  • Look at other tenders – compare the bid to others you’re considering, look at the opportunity costs and potential profits of each, then choose the best bet.

How Rothera Group can help you with your tender process

We know the pain that going for un-winnable bids can cause. Get us on board and we’ll give you the confidence to say ‘No’.

As part of our training, we’ll show you how to pin-point which bids are winnable. We’ll work with you to develop a Bid/No-bid tender process that will ensure your resources are used optimally and that your chances of success are improved.

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