‘These comments just aren’t helpful’ – how to ensure the tender review process is positive

The tender review process is a vital part of any bid, but it can easily go wrong and sometimes does more harm than good.

A reviewer’s red pen can be incredibly de-motivating, if not wielded properly. Comments can come too late in the process, or reviewers can introduce new ideas or radical changes that are just not appropriate in terms of scope or scale.

So what should you do?

  • Choose carefully – reviewers should know what a project will involve, but shouldn’t be part of the bid team. They should have the necessary technical expertise and diplomatic skill.
  • Provide guidance – make it clear what level of feedback reviewers should provide and the type of language they should use.
  • Provide structure – provide scoring criteria and/or a list of questions for reviewers to use to assess each part of a tender.
  • Do it in stages – an interim assessment can be very valuable, catching any structural problems before they become embedded in the final submission.
  • Get the timing right – whether you use one reviewer or many, ensure there is enough time available to implement any suggestions.
  • Build the tender review into the bid – make sure the review process is a key part of the bid and that all of the tender team are aware of its value and of key milestones and deadlines.

How Rothera Group can help with your tender review 

We know the importance of the tender review process and the implications of getting it wrong.

Because this is such a key issue, we offer a specific Bid Reviewer training course. This will ensure you have the in-house expertise you need to deliver effective tender reviews. We can also provide this training as part of our other courses.

With us on board, your review process will be a positive, motivating element of the bid process (not an exam everyone dreads).

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