‘Why aren’t all our bids equally good?’ – How to get consistency and better results

One of the most frequent frustrations of the bid process, particularly for larger companies, is that all tenders don’t reach the same quality level and therefore have wildly different success rates.

This is often due to an inconsistency in the approaches taken by different sections of an organisation or by different teams within sections. It can also be because roles are ill-defined or quality control is lacking.

So what should you do?

  • Organise – have an effective corporate bid process in place. This should be designed to ensure consistency of outputs, whoever’s putting the bid together.
  • Get buy-in – get a cross-departmental team involved in the development of your bid process. Get high-level management sign-off and support.
  • Document – the bid process should be documented. This could be a simple flowchart or a more complex system involving e.g. multi-departmental sign-offs.
  • Embed it in your organisation – ensure your bid process dovetails with other key processes, such as business development and marketing.
  • Ensure flexibility – your bid process should be able to accommodate all types of tender – from low-value/simple to high-value/complex.
  • Get everyone on board – all parts of your organisation should commit to using the bid process. Ensure the necessary training has been given.
  • Nail down responsibilities – each bid should have an ‘owner’ who ensures that the bid process is followed.
  • Track and evaluate – ensure that there is a mechanism to record and appraise the progress of each bid.

How can Rothera Group help you with your bid process?

We know the value of getting the bid process right and the problems that can happen if it’s not up to the job.

As part of our training, we can help you develop a bid process from scratch or assess, up-date and improve your current procedures.

We can also roll out your bid process to relevant teams across your organisation, getting them on side by explaining how it will help them produce better, winning submissions.

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