SME Case Study

This successful agency needed to overcome the lack of relevant experience in new markets when tendering for contracts.

This recruitment agency, employing five staff, had a strong reputation for delivering services to a relatively small client base. They had established relationships with these customers and most business came from repeat engagements.

The Challenge

The agency wanted to expand into new geographic areas where formal proposals were required. The two key staff had no experience of preparing proposal documents although they were extremely customer focused. They were used to dealing with clients informally by telephone or email.

The Process

Two half-day workshops were delivered, together with four hours post-training support. In the first, we covered a step-by-step approach to tendering and how to develop library materials. Within this workshop, we explored ways of identifying new markets and finding tender opportunities, as well as the benefits of having a strong library of tender material. Techniques for filtering potential opportunities were covered as well.

At the end of the workshop, the trainees were tasked with developing a basic bid process prior to the next session. They were also asked to draft samples of the library materials.

In the second workshop, the techniques covered in session one were practiced and critical feedback given. We tested and refined the processes which had been developed. The library materials were reviewed and further tasks set to finalise the materials.

Finally, the post-training support took the form of ‘hand-holding’ during the preparation of two live tenders in new areas.

The Outcome

The staff implemented a robust tender process and developed a strong library of material, both of which saved time. They understood how to identify new tender opportunities and use quantitative methods to evaluate them.

Of the two new tenders one was shortlisted to the last three (from 24) and the other one won.

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