Oil and Gas Case Study

This engineering company facing decreasing profit margins, engaged Rothera Group to deliver tailored training.

This multinational manufacturing company had an established client base in the North Sea and Middle East. Their strategy was to retain market share in existing markets and achieve a modest growth in emerging areas.

The Challenge

Their products were largely seen as a commodity, with price and delivery times being the key drivers. The company had identified they had lost several clients to low-cost suppliers from the Far East.

The Process

A single day of consultancy input, reviewing quote and proposal documents, identified the key issues. A plan was then developed which involved working with key staff to identify differentiators and more effective selling documents.

Having successfully completed the consultancy work, which included a new quote template and selection of library material, a training course was developed. The aim of this was to roll-out the new methods of working to a wide group of sales and business development staff.

The course was delivered in the company’s head office in the Middle East, and was attended by participants from all their geographic regions, including some external agents.

Each participant was offered three hours post-training support by email , telephone or sykpe to help reinforce the training and refine their new skills.

The Outcome

The company has received incredibly positive feedback from their customers about the newly notified differentiators. Two primary contractors have returned with their business, and products are selling at 2 – 3 % higher margins than previously.

If you would like a review of your own proposal documents or wish further information on proposal writing training for the Oil and Gas industry, please contact us.

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