How We Do It

To develop a course which will deliver the best for you, we must understand your needs


Before committing to us, you will be offered a document “health check” using a typical tender or report you have produced. The resulting critique will highlight key areas you need to address in your existing approach such as:

  • structure and layout
  • positive and persuasive language
  • executive summaries
  • positioning against the competition
  • pricing strategies

The critique will give you practical recommendations to improve your approach.

Following discussion, you will then receive a fully costed course outline covering the areas you need to improve to increase your success rate and streamline your processes.


Our training is tailored to suit you and is directly relevant to your organisation, using worked examples specific to your business. We will not cover material which your staff already know or do not need.

Maximum Impact

We advocate training and consolidated learning. To deliver this we include post-training support for each trainee to help embed the lessons learned. This means the impact of the training is maximised and the benefits are realised in the short and long term.

For further information on any of our proposal writing courses, simply get in touch. Our courses have been delivered within the oil and gas and engineering and construction industries as well as technical companies.

All training courses (Bid, Tenders, Proposals, Business and Report Writing) can be delivered on-line using resources adapted for on-line learning as well as in-house, face-to-face.

Contact Us

For further information about our training or consultancy services please contact us with your enquiry. Wherever possible, we will respond the same day.

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