Technical Report Writing Training

This course will give delegates the skills they need to communicate their technical and scientific messages in writing.

It will provide the participants with a methodology for successfully producing technical reports.

Course Outcomes

This course will provide answers for many common questions such as:

  • Where do I start?
  • How should I structure the report?
  • What rules do I need to follow?
  • How can I make best use of graphics and tables?
  • What standard notations should I use?
  • What do I do if some readers do not understand technical terms?
  • How should I present the document?
  • Is peer review necessary?

Delegates will have the opportunity to work on practical examples and discuss their own experiences.


Courses are always tailored to your specific requirements. This means you get maximum value from your investment of time and money.


Most courses run for one full day however shorter and longer versions are available depending on the outcomes required.


Courses comprise a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. They are delivered using comprehensive workbooks to ensure participants have good reference notes for future use.

All training courses can be delivered on-line using resources adapted for on-line learning as well as in-house, face-to-face.

Return on Investment

To calculate the return on investment you will achieve, use our Bid, Proposal and Tender Training ROI Calculator.

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