Companies which produce winning proposals enjoy increased turnover, reduced costs and a greater market presence.

The aim of good tendering is to:

  • win more profitable bids
  • streamline the bid process
  • beat the competition

Knowledge and Expertise

Your own staff possess the knowledge which it takes to win however they are not always available, motivated or experienced enough to write it into a tender document.

When we work on a bid or proposal we always apply best practice.  This ensures all reader types are considered, the benefits of your offering are clear and supporting evidence has been included.   Your finished document will be compelling and concise.


There are a number of different ways we can help, and what we do depends what suits your own staff.   We can:

  • interpret tender questions so that the real meanings are clear, and then help you answer them
  • re-structure a tricky section to make the text flow and therefore be easier to understand
  • polish language so that it reflects the professionalism of your organisation
  • transform a rough draft into a finished submission
  • reduce the quantity of a submission to fit a pre-determined word or page count limit


Unlike many bid consultants, we do not merely write the material for you because we see this as a short-term solution.  Instead, we work with you and make sure you learn what to do, and why, so that future proposals can be carried out independently.

For further information regarding live bid and tender services, please contact our recommended partner, Virtual Bid Manager.