With our help you can produce stress-free bids, proposals and tenders.

Robust bid management and bid processes are key to successful tendering.  A good bid manager, working to a relevant process, will be able to produce strong submissions irrespective of other pressures within the organisation.

One of the Team

We can work alongside your existing team to help mentor and support them, or we can take the role of bid manager for a whole project.

A common role for us to take is to help set the strategic direction of the bid and then host the kick-off meeting.

Depending on the nature and size of the bid, we can help co-ordinate resources, collate responses and coach the authors.

Bid Management Process

The systems and processes we use are pragmatic, streamlined and effective.  They have been developed through experience of working in countless live bid situations.

While your company may be similar to others, you are not the same.  We do not, therefore, impose a standard solution on all our clients.  We select the most relevant items from our toolkit and adapt them.  These will reflect your existing knowledge, requirements and timescales.


We can combine bid management with review and writing services (provided by Virtual Bid Manager).    Our consultants are extremely practical people who are motivated by seeing companies become more successful.  We will make suggestions and freely share our knowledge to help you achieve the results you want.

We also work with clients to prepare for bid presentation sessions, to get the most out of tender information meetings and to communicate with clients to get maximum competitive advantage.

To find out how your organisation can benefit from working with us on your bid management process get in touch.