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Public Training Course – International Breakthrough November 2018, Aberdeen (four days)

International Breakthrough is a 4 day peer learning programme that gives companies a clear and actionable international growth plan to maximise your business potential overseas.


To attend and exhibit at one industry trade show in 2018 can be upwards of £15,000 or more. In today’s climate it is essential to be prepared with a clear plan to ensure you are achieving your objectives and most importantly a return on investment.

International Breakthrough will help strengthen and prioritise your sales and marketing with an actionable plan. We will help to differentiate you from your competitors overseas, whilst mitigating risks, to help you win new contracts.


Industry leading expertise and advice from knowledgeable and experienced market practitioners with vast experience in oil and gas, tendering and global branding.
• Nigel Jenkins, ex-Chief Executive, Decom North Sea
• Anne Farr, Managing Director, Rothera Group
• Claire Kinloch, Managing Director, Genoa Black
• Allan Conry, International Development Manager, Genoa Black
• Sarah Stein, ex-Global Brand Director for Orange plc


INTELLIGENCE & INSIGHT – What do you need to know about your market, region, customer and buyer?
MARKET POSITIONING – How to position yourself in a way that is differentiated, unique and creates added value
FUNNEL AND PIPELINE – Plan the customer journey: from brand awareness to purchase order
BIDDING AND WINNING – Mitigate the risk of failure through a clear bidding and winning strategy
NEW MARKET ENTRY – Develop an informed and considered sales strategy that is right for you, your market and target region
MARKETING ACTIVATION – Plan the marketing support required to make your international sales a success
CULTURE COMMUNICATIONS – Understand the cultural implications and considerations that are required in your target regions
SMART PLANNING – Create, and leave with, a clear, considered and actionable plan, and the confidence to take it forward in your business after the programme

To book a place on International Breakthrough please contact Allan Conry on +44 (0) 7810 753953