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PM Forum Seminar – 31st January, Edinburgh

Producing a Winning Tender Pitch

You’ve helped to produce a winning tender that will be delivered by a group of experienced fee earners, but that’s when your input ends. Or should it? During this session our speakers will discuss how to produce a winning tender pitch and how you can help your fee earners get into a winning mindset to deliver it.
The training will be split into two sections:

1. Psychology of Winning
• Insights about how your brain works so you can prepare and deliver a winning pitch/presentation
• Understand the relationship between your thoughts, mood state and behaviour
• Explore your cognitive style (how you think), and how this influences outcomes
• Learn how to change your physiology to support a winning performance

2. Producing the Winning Pitch
• Translating a written document into a verbal pitch
• Using win themes effectively
• Understanding the needs of the audience
• Preparing for questions

• Improved confidence in preparing and delivering a pitch/presentation
• Improved decision making (choosing your best time to act)
• Increased effectiveness when preparing for a pitch / presentation
• Enhanced impact during delivery

We will end the session with an open Q&A.

We hope to see you there!

Further information and booking is available at this site