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Tendering Top Tips

Public Training Course – Edinburgh 28th June 2016

There are no second prizes when it comes to tendering for work or making a business proposal.

Many people find writing bids, proposals and tenders a time consuming and frustrating task. This intensive one-day course will give you the tools and techniques you need to produce high-impact documents in a resource efficient way. You will learn how to access opportunities, how to increase your win rate, sell at higher prices and streamline your bid production process.

Whether you are an owner-manager or part of a large organisation, you will learn what is best for your business and see examples of what other companies submit.

Course Content:

  • Motivation, Mindset and Procrastination – getting over the mental hurdles
  • Identifying Opportunities – public sector procurement (including, private sector contracts
  • The Tender Process – Analysing the opportunity, bid and no bid decisions
  • Understanding the Customer – Customer types and what they like / hate, scoring mechanisms
  • Structuring a Customer Focused Document – Outline planning the document, win themes
  • Topping and Tailing – Executive summaries, appendices and CVs
  • Reviewing and Editing – Proofreading versus reviewing, knowing what to put in and what to leave out
  • Agreement of actions and feedback

This course will give delegates an understanding of the bid management process and a structure which can be used to produce high-impact, customer facing tenders. This course will answer many common questions such as:

  • Should I bid for this work?
  • How do I make it customer focused?
  • How do I sell at higher prices?
  • How should I manage the bid team?
  • How do I produce persuasive and professional-looking content?
  • What are win themes?
  • How do I beat the competition?
  • How do I make my tender process more efficient?

Delegates will have the opportunity to work on practical examples and discuss their own experiences.


Upon completion, attendees will have an understanding of how to:

  • Approach a biddable opportunity
  • Use a resource efficient structure for tender writing
  • Plan and manage the tender submission
  • Incorporate different customer requirements
  • Decide what to put in and what to leave out, use planning tools, compliance matrices and win themes
  • Use evaluation criteria to gain competitive advantage
  • Manage the bid production process
  • Reuse material without compromising quality
  • Get meaningful feedback


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