Top Tips Copy

Level of Detail

Clients often give clues about the level of detail they require in their ITT documents however many respondents miss them. If questions include words such as “describe”, “explain” or “step-by-step”, you should write a descriptive response. Where questions simply ask for “confirmation”, more concise answers are likely to be appropriate.


Many bid writers forget that their clients are time poor and will be speed reading their submissions. Writers often compose complex sentences with multiple clauses. While these may be grammatically correct, they are usually difficult to read. Try to keep your language simple, concise and unobtrusive.  This will allow your key messages to be conveyed … Read more..


It is important that you demonstrate an understanding of customers’ requirements to help build trust and empathy with them. To do this, you should show insight into their needs, their industry sector and the economic climate. It is not sufficient merely to parrot back what they have already told you in the tender documentation