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There are many different ways of presenting your price to the client but only one correct approach. The correct approach is to ensure the client sees value in what you are offering rather than merely evaluating you on a cash figure. To do this, ensure the price is supported with sufficient text to describe why the client should … Read more..


A really strong proposal will convince the evaluators that you have all the project risks under control. By considering the likelihood and impact of each risk, you can show which ones you will prioritise for appropriate action. You should aim to reduce or eliminate the majority of risks through good project management and application of experience.


It is useful to track bids won, lost and ‘gone away’ along with any feedback you receive. A spreadsheet is a good way to capture this and it can also hold information about submission dates and expected decision dates. A tracking system allows you to monitor trends and make strategic decisions about pricing and positioning … Read more..

Executive Summary

Many companies write a flashy sales-style executive summary which highlights many great features from their company. What most clients actually want to read about are the unique benefits they will gain by engaging with that supplier. Ensure your executive summary is written for your readers and not to impress your own senior management.


When a client asks for innovation, do not assume they are only interested in new technologies or materials. Offering new ways of delivering a service, giving optional pricing models or suggesting flexible staffing models are all innovative solutions. It is important to remember that any innovation offered must deliver value to the client.