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Some tender documents appear to ask the same thing repeatedly, meaning you may think you need to write the same thing in multiple places. While this is occasionally true, it is more likely that you have misinterpreted the buyer’s requirements. Check the context within which the question is being asked and ensure you think laterally … Read more..

Objective Setting

When writing any business document, it is important to keep the objective in mind. The objective is determined by considering who the readers will be, what level of knowledge they are likely to have and what impression you want to create. With bids and proposals, your objective is to ensure all evaluators understand and believe … Read more..


ITT (invitation to tender) documents usually give guidance about the evaluation criteria which will be applied. You should ensure that you take account of all the requirements in order to score maximum marks. If you only answer the basic question, you can only expect to be awarded average marks.

Case Studies

To show relevant experience, you should produce case studies of completed projects. The case studies should concentrate on the added value you delivered and the challenges you overcame. If you only describe the technical scope of each project, the client will not know if you performed well or otherwise.