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It is useful to track bids won, lost and ‘gone away’ along with any feedback you receive. A spreadsheet is a good way to capture this and it can also hold information about submission dates and expected decision dates. A tracking system allows you to monitor trends and make strategic decisions about pricing and positioning … Read more..


If you cannot understand a client’s brief, it is extremely unlikely you will be able to sell them a perfect solution. Most clients are happy to answer specific questions to help clarify their requirements. Ensure your questions to them are clear and have not already been addressed in supporting documentation.

Case Studies

Giving examples of completed projects is a great way to demonstrate your ability to deal with complex and challenging situations.  This is often done using case studies. To make them really persuasive, make sure you include problems you encountered and ways you overcame them. Clients will be more impressed with a company that excelled in … Read more..

Tender Library

A file containing skeleton responses is extremely useful to have when similar questions appear in multiple bid documents. Try to ensure that the text has been written for simple, basic questions.  It can then be adapted for each individual situation and project. If you keep answers to complex questions on file, you risk submitting irrelevant … Read more..