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Showing Value

When writing a winning bid, you need to justify the price you intend asking. Delivering the client’s stated requirements will only command an average price; to charge more you must describe what else they will get. This can be anything the client values and might cover areas such as risk-avoidance, increased scope or exemplar service.


When pitching for work, there are different names for the documents you produce: these include tender, proposal and bid. A tender usually responds to specific questions as part of a rigid procurement process, while a proposal or bid tends to be more flexible in structure and format. There is no finite definition for each term … Read more..

Community Benefit

Community benefits are best described in terms of employment, training, supply chain and community engagement. Wherever possible, make the activities quantifiable and describe how they will be measured and/or reported. It is particularly effective to include evidence of community benefits delivered on previous similar projects.