Live Bid Support

Whether tendering for an existing contract or bidding for a new one, using specialist skills to complement in-house resources is a cost-effective way to win more work.

You may need expert advice and support to produce winning submission when you lack the time or experience yourself.

Business Assistance

Our bid and proposal consultancy services are delivered by trusted advisors, rather than traditional business consultants. The assistance we provide leaves companies in greater command of their processes and procedures.

In addition to implementing improvements or helping solve specific problems, we ensure our customer retains ownership of the solution.

This means that in future, clients are able to work through similar situations for themselves. They are not reliant on the consultant every time.


We ensure that the required outcomes of all projects are clearly defined at the outset, and delivered accordingly.

We know that many consultants are seen as people who “charge to tell you what you already know”. Testimonials from our clients reassure us that we do not fall into this category.

In-depth Understanding of Customer Issues

Our customers know that we will achieve an in-depth understanding of their issues and then apply experience and lateral thinking to achieve the best possible solutions.

We issue initial guidance in a frank and open manner and then clarify the scope of, and expectations for, the project. When appointed we undertake a period of intensive work on the project.

Communication is paramount throughout a consultancy job, and this is scheduled to accommodate our clients’ other commitments.

Projects range in duration from a few hours intensive input, to long-term integrated project work.

Please contact us for further information regarding any aspect of bid and proposal consultancy or tender training courses.


Companies which produce winning proposals enjoy increased turnover, reduced costs and a greater market presence.

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An independent review of your bid or tender document will highlight areas for improvement before it is submitted to the client.

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With our help you can produce stress-free bids, proposals and tenders.

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