Adapting CVs

It is sometimes necessary to create a CV which suits the client’s requirements for a role. As an example, you may need an Account Manager but don’t have that role within your company so will have to adapt a CV from a Sales Manager. Ensure their CV highlights all their relevant Account Management experience and … Read more..

Technical Compliance

The quality section of a bid usually includes areas such as methodology, H&S, sustainability, people, credentials and experience. When writing these it is important that you make it non-generic, consider different reader types, describe benefits, include proof and ensure it is a pleasure to read as well as encompassing a win theme. Above all though, … Read more..

Public Training Course – Report Writing, 17th May 2018, London

Technical Report Writing Overview This course introduces the necessary skills and tools required to produce effective clear and concise reports. Focusing on the importance of effective writing and getting your message across, practical planning, structuring and editing. Practical sessions will give you the chance to put these skills into practice while working and reviewing your own … Read more..