Get Ready

The quieter summer period is a great time to review your tender library and check that all relevant materials are easily accessible. Typically, organisations should have the following information ready to submit or edit as required: commercial data and certificates, policy documents, technical specifications and procedures, case studies, CVs and training records. Having a comprehensive … Read more..

Quick Quotes – The Essential Guide to Using the Quick Quote Facility on Public Contracts Scotland.

Scottish Public Sector buyers have the option of using the Quick Quote facility when they are buying goods or services which are considered low risk or low value.  Quick Quote is part of the Public Contracts Scotland website, the national advertising website for public sector procurement in Scotland.  See Advantages Buyers like using the … Read more..

Innovative Pricing

There are many ways to offer innovation in the commercial section of a bid, even when presented with a prescriptive template. Think about the benefits the client will gain with different pricing models and present these alongside the actual prices. It may be necessary to submit an “alternative offer“, in which case you should clarify … Read more..


Many proposals ask specifically about the management of risk but even when they do not, it is an area which needs careful consideration. The risks may be to time, budget, delivery, safety or image.  They may or may not be within your control.  They may affect the client, you or other stakeholders. All clients want … Read more..

Out of Time

When the clock is ticking and you don’t have enough hours in the day to complete a proposal document, make sure you prioritise the important tasks. The most important thing to do is to ensure your bid is compliant by checking you have answered all the client’s questions and attached all the relevant information. The … Read more..