Case Studies

To show relevant experience, you should produce case studies of completed projects. The case studies should concentrate on the added value you delivered and the challenges you overcame. If you only describe the technical scope of each project, the client will not know if you performed well or otherwise.

Review and Approve

In terms of objectives, there is a difference between asking senior staff to review a tender and asking them to approve it. ‘Review’ implies that constructive feedback will be given, leading to content changes, while ‘approval’ relates to financial sign-off and risk evaluation. A good bid manager will ensure each stage is allocated to the correct people, at the … Read more..


While it is important that a document is well presented and looks attractive, do not work on this aspect at the expense of producing strong content. What you write must be compelling, address all parts of the client’s requirements and clearly describe the benefits of your offering. Good content may partially offset poor presentation but the reverse is … Read more..


When you are asked to describe your methodology in a bid, it can be tempting to provide extensive detail about your processes. Remember, the evaluators may not all understand what you are delivering. If you describe the benefits of your methodology as well as giving evidence of what it has achieved in the past, you are more … Read more..

Public Training Course – Business Writing. 5th March 2019, Edinburgh (full day)

  This full day course covers all aspects of business writing. It is invaluable for people who want to produce better structured, more concise documents. You will learn how to plan your writing so the structure and content suit are developed to suit the recipient. The course will provide you with easy-to-remember techniques to ensure … Read more..

Public Training Course – Business Writing. 5th March 2019, Edinburgh (half day)

Covering business and management reports, customer documents and even emails, this intensive half-day course covers the strategic aspects of business writing. You will learn easy-to-remember techniques to ensure that your writing is effective. You will receive checklists to help you implement the good practice which has been demonstrated. You will become more confident about writing … Read more..

Public Training Course – How to Write Tenders & Proposals That Beat The Competition (Without Cutting Prices). 29th January 2019, Edinburgh

  Learn the secrets about writing winning bids, proposals and tenders (without simply cutting prices) from someone who’s helped over 500 companies and been directly involved in tender wins amounting to over £950million. Course Outcomes You will leave this course with answers to all your questions, including common ones such as: Should I bid for … Read more..

Public Training Course – Report Writing, 15th November 2018, London

Technical Report Writing Overview This course introduces the necessary skills and tools required to produce effective clear and concise reports. Focusing on the importance of effective writing and getting your message across, practical planning, structuring and editing. Practical sessions will give you the chance to put these skills into practice while working and reviewing your own … Read more..