Public Training Course – Business Writing. 12th April, Edinburgh (half day)

Covering business and management reports, customer documents and even emails, this intensive half-day course covers the strategic aspects of business writing. You will learn easy-to-remember techniques to ensure that your writing is effective. You will receive checklists to help you implement the good practice which has been demonstrated. You will become more confident about writing … Read more..

The 12 Days of Christmas

My colleague gave to me: Twelve apostrophes that possess Eleven proper hyphens Ten unsplit infinitives Nine Oxford commas Eight proofread pages Seven corrected typos Six unneeded words deleted Five style books! Four participles that don’t dangle Three grammar rules Two subject/verb agreements And the proper use of “I” versus “me.” (credit Stern + Associates)

Breakfast Seminar – How To Win Tenders Using Waste Management. 1st February, Inverness

FREE BREAKFAST WORKSHOPS A Scotland-wide series of workshops, supporting Zero Waste Scotland. Are you a construction industry SME? Are you a supplier to the construction sector? Do you wonder what to write when tenders ask for ‘added value’ or ‘sustainability’? Do you think that to get high marks you need to give clients things for … Read more..

Public Training Course – How to Write Tenders & Proposals That Beat The Competition (Without Cutting Prices). 30th January, Edinburgh

  Learn the secrets about writing winning bids, proposals and tenders (without simply cutting prices) from someone who’s helped over 500 companies and been directly involved in tender wins amounting to over £950million. Course Outcomes You will leave this course with answers to all your questions, including common ones such as: Should I bid for … Read more..