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Bidding Masterclass – 4th September, Tayside

Tendering to Win Workshop with Elevator & Business Gateway


This intensive workshop is aimed at businesses which want to improve their tender documents in order to:

  • increase win rates
  • enter new markets
  • demonstrate the value of a product or service

Delivered by Anne Farr, Rothera Group.

Anne is the Managing Director or Rothera Group, a training and consultancy firm which has helped hundreds of businesses to become more successful by improving their tendering skills.  Anne delivers training to enable businesses to become self-sufficient in tender writing but she also works on live bids.  This means her knowledge covers current best practice and reflects the feedback received from end users in multiple sectors.  Rothera Group operates throughout the UK and overseas, tendering in a wide range of industries and contact values.

Workshop Outline

Writing a bid or tender document can be time consuming and frustrating.  Many businesses are not familiar with ways to demonstrate value, to overcome weaknesses or to highlight strengths.

Workshop participants will be guided through the key aspects of preparing winning bid and tender documents.   They will learn how to position their product or service relative to the competitors’ ones in a way that demonstrates value.  They will become familiar with the scoring mechanisms used by tender evaluators and learn how to ensure each evaluator can award them high marks.

During the workshop, attendees will prepare a response to a typical tender question.  This will allow them to practice the methods which have been taught and gain immediate feedback.  Time will also be spent improving their tender library materials such as Case Studies or “About Us” sections.

Further Information and booking contact Andrew Burnett